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Israel Arboriculture Association

The Israel arboriculture association is a nonprofit organization,  operating to achieve goals and objectives for better care of trees in Israel.


Our association was legally recognized by the Israeli government on February 2019.


Our mission statement is to be the leading professional voice

for arboriculture, to Strive and act  for expanding the knowledge of arborists and tree care professionals in israel by promoting updated and professional education and training programs

we aim to do so by meeting these goals:


  • Establish and promote professional arboriculture practices and awareness both for arborists and the public.

  • Promote professional acknowledgment of arboriculture by Israeli government authorities and affiliate associations in Israel and abroad.

  • Promote professional training for practicing arborists on a high standard.

  • Unite all professional practicing arborists and the public with the love for trees and desire to promote our goals of education, community and a healthy environment with healthy and safe trees.

  • Serve and act for achieving optimal arrangements for arborists and tree care professionals in israel.

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